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‘So confident to buy….’   Jane S ‘ …packed with value… ‘ Amy ‘Useful details available nowhere else.’  Richard Last Christmas my father gave me two fact stories as a present – RETIRE MUCH EARLIER ( buying property) & MANAGING YOUR OWN RENTAL (renting & managing) . During the year I bought my first investment house. This present was incredible value – setting me up for life – and the facts made it  so easy to do. Jason P.

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UPDATED RETIRE MUCH EARLIER  Back by popular demand. Proven facts over 50 years on why and how you should be accumulating wealth – your home must be part of your retirement investment and your insurance plan. Why you need to be the Mums and Dads bank for your children. Read time 62 minutes. Price A$ 7.99   UPDATED MANAGE YOUR OWN RENTAL Get better returns,  reduce costs and vacancy rates, do your own letting and court work. Get peace of mind and a good nights sleep -an important strategy in retiring much earlier. Read time 45 minutes. Price A$7.99  


DEATH IN PARADISE LOST is an Australian humorous crime fiction book. Each chapter is a separate episode – just like it’s name sake on TV. It is set in the fictional town of Dongboolah on the tropical coast of Queensland, around DI Coombs and his attractive mate Helen. The first episode titled Moriarty’s Gone Bush is based on a true story. Read time 12 Minutes. . Give it a go mate A$ 2.99 
WINDFALL International. Humour. Chapter 1  is  a hilariously satirical illustrated book episode  about how Isaac Newton invented Apple Strudel and explained gravity along the way. A captivating character. A new perspective on a great man. Understand Lord Strudel and befriend Cooksie. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 when Cerdic ( Sir Dick) will join the intrepid band. Each chapter contains a ‘spoonerism’ – see if you can spot it. Read time 12 minutes.


 WHAT IS IT  International. Fact. Introduction. Chapter 1 Many ancient, and current religions, use these experiences to get closer to the Creator (God etc) through the ‘beasts’ described below. All cultures are full of these clues, you just have to recognise them. A prior knowledge of Tantra may help your concentration.   These facts have been suppressed by Christians but now are revealed. Amazing revelations. Read time 14 minutes. Read these in bed. A surprise read  A$3.99   UNICORNS International. Fact, Chapter 3 The unicorn has transitioned into a cute soft toy for children but, for the esoteric, it has a completely different meaning. Read time 18 minutes. Revolutionary at A$ 3.99 


QUILITY LANDSCAPING    Australian. Humour. A spelling mistake that led to a light hearted picture story about people who decorate their front gardens with old car bodies and other useful items.  These items are rapidly being replaced.  A rare collection. This will be a treasured record. Read time 16  minutes. Laughs R Us A$3.99 MY OPAL GODDESS  Australian. Humour. Classic Aussie lavatory humour about a trip from Sydney to Brisbane via Lightening Ridge. It is a pictorial letter to my wife suggesting we could mend our marriage by a tree – change there. Some of these images have now disappeared. Amazing photos. Read time 20 minutes. A priceless experience  A$3.99  LONELY HEARTS CLUB   International. Humour. A direct speech humorous story about a pop re – enactment group meeting to celebrate an anniversary of the Beatles’ album – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band . Probably will never be re – enacted. A rare new talent. Read time 17 minutes.   Old time value  A$3.99  Read MINIpowMAG for more humor – cartoons, horrorscope, short but twisted, crassword, real dreams and more. If you want to send an article or a video as a gift, put their email in the BUY NOW button. Send them a separate email advising them to check their Downloads file for this gift. Attach one of our FREE cards to your email ( perhaps with your own special message).  Also attach the you have a gift card.


The car you will virtually be driving is a Jaguar XJ-S  HE V12 5.3 litre convertible – the world’s greatest super car – and Jaguar’s best selling convertible. Jaguar even declined an off for James Bond to drive it. The coupe version blitzed Bathurst with a 1st, 2nd and 6th. On the other hand, this particular car was built for the Japanese market, and the story goes that its owner only drove it to and from the home of his geisha girl – it has all the appropriate extras  for this. Video download times be be up to 20 seconds, depending on the quality.
INTRODUCTION  VIDEO An introduction to the specifications of this car and some interesting history of the Jaguar company – why did Englishmen develop the sports car? View time 15 minutes Price A$ 9.99 Mt TAMBORINE  AND PALAZZIO VERSACE RESORT  VIDEO UP the mountainside road from Canungra that changes from two way to one way. Jetboating on the Surfers Paradise Broadwater and overnight at Australia’s most luxurious hotel. View time 15 minutes. Price A$ 9.99  THE TWEED VOLCANO AND BUSHRANGERS HIDEAWAY VIDEO Up the outside of the caldera, stopping at Natural Bridge in the remnants of a Gondwanaland rainforest. Watch street car racing in Murrwillumbah and back up the inside. View time 15 minutes. Price A$ 9.99  OBI OBI ROAD AND NETANYA RESORT VIDEO Stay at the Noosa absolute beach front apartments. Enjoy a surf carnival and a Pacific Lunch. Cruise Hastings Street at sunset. Then drive up the side of the Blackall Range on your own dedicated road and back down again on another dedicated dirt one. Visit the distillery in Montville. View time 15 minutes. Price A$ 9.99 COMING SOON Drive the ‘honey’ mountain VIDEO and WW2 Battle of Britain Spitfire with a Yuletide feast at Villa Musidora.


NEW THE QUEST  VIDEO A hilarious walkabout through central Queensland in outback Australia like you have never seen before, to eat ram sack mutton. Experience Waltzing Matilda being born, chicken races and find the elusive Condamine River. See how the squatters live in reality. Video view time 15 minutes.   A bonza  price A$ 19.99  COMING SOON EL DORADO Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, is sitting on a gold field. Join us while we take a video tour around Brisbane visiting some gold mining sites – you might strike it lucky. Stay tuned. COMING SOON WE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL Many people think the Holy Grail is many things, but the tradition has been that nobody finds it. Well, we have put this mystery to bed in a video. We studied all the various  clues that are available and, like a jig-saw puzzle, we put it all together. Stay tuned. Stay tuned for more exciting trips.


COMING SOON WHAT DOESN’T WORK IN ECOMMERCE  This could save you mega bucks and even from bankruptcy. Stay tuned. HIRE THIS CAR: Contact us at About Us page. By buying these videos you are helping to promote south east Queensland as a tourist destination and enterpises featured in them. OTHER GOOD SITES: SCREEN ART    KEEP THIS PAINTING ON YOUR SCREEN TO BRIGHTEN  UP YOUR ENVIRONMENT Buy this print Lifesaver  (A$9.99) at IMG_0467 (2) AND MORE….                     special requests and back issues DONATIONS AND  CONTRACT STORIES    click here FREE CARDS These are exclusive to powdermagazine, and could be used for almost any occasion. After clicking on Download, you will need to SAVE it, approve it, then compose an email and ATTACH it from your Downloads file. Copy  the following message into your email. Stay connected by flicking a few off every day.
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