This first book  will provide you with the facts about sex as a religious rite – the real Sacred Sex. You will see this in everyday life, but you are not likely to know what it really means – what really is a mermaid? The early Roman  clerics suppressed this knowledge as it was a threat to their emerging male chauvinistic Christian beliefs. To win over the pagans, these Christians allowed  sexual “beasts” to persist – although as very minor beliefs. Here you may find some of it shocking, but you need to read these facts with an open mind so that you  know what was really meant when JK Rowling  wrote …chased by a giant manticore… and …stumbled on a unicorn…  Some of these sexual “beasts” will appear in a future book of short novels. A picture is as good as a thousand words – and you will find some indisputable pictures here. This is your initiation. In ancient Greek times boys and girls, in their mid teens, were woken up just before midnight, and led, dancing to flutes and drums, to a hitherto banned site such as a mountain cave or clearing in the wood, for their initiation.  You may not experience all the excitement of practical sessions, but you will gain some of the knowledge.

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SACRED SEX   what is it

Chapter 1                                       Read time 14 minutes           Last updated 15 Dec 2015


The male chauvinist Hebrews and Christians were keen to concoct a new religion, so they suppressed the old ideas, but they did not go away – they just went underground. They were maintained by a small group of esoteric followers of the “pagan” beliefs. These secrets are still practised today. There are many rites that differentiate sacred sex from your boring biological bonk in bed.

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Chapter 2            Read time 51 minutes     Last updated 12 Jan 2016

Campaspe, by John William Godward

Meet some of the girls, Shamhat, Madam Koo, T’a ke, Campaspe, Lais, Barzokhara, Photis, Theon, Priema, Poplius, Aelios Minoukianus, Petronia Amelia, Hierodoulida, Claudia, Theodore, Irene,  Mary Magdalene, St Theresa of Avila, and many more.

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Chapter 3               Read time 54 minu        Last updated 29 Jan 2016

The greatest temple to sacred sex the world has ever known.


Where did all this sacred sex happen. The temple at Corinth had about 1,000 sacred prostitutes working in and around it. There were many more, all around the world – most now lie dormant. Do not feel ashamed about sex, in fact, give it a religious basis with facts you learn from this site. Even create your own temple.

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There are many more chapters to come, including those on the sexual beasts –  mermaids, unicorns, manticores, satyrs, dragons and the, tried and proven, ancient sexual toys that were used to bring you closer to the Creator.