This, once again, has been a monumental failure – even eclipsing Vietnam. It will be the signal for Islamic terrorists to escalate their ‘lone wolf’ attacks on the Christian West.

          My marble was not drawn in the Vietnam War raffle, but some of my friends were. My best friend succumbed to PTSD. But, I did make a contribution close by, so I have some understanding of this event. Afghanistan has not been much different – another hasty retreat leaving our allies in the lurch. The Vietnam War did not stop with the sudden collapse of the South Vietnamese – it went on until Laos and Cambodia had also fallen. In the long term it was, indeed, a partial ‘domino affect’.  Pol Pot (Cambodia) went on to eliminate his surviving enemies by murdering them on the ‘killing fields’. Like Vietnam, it was a Clayton’s war – it should have been won within five years. The execution of Osama bin Laden proved that a win was possible; and in a one-on-one fight, the Taliban have been no match against Coalition forces. A major problem was the border with Pakistan was not sealed off, which allowed the Taliban to find an escape refuge. Sealing it with Iran would also have helped. It seems obvious that the post Japan, Germany, Korea et al policies were not implemented in Afghanistan. The final outcome was always obvious – the Taliban were not prepared to form a united government and the US puppets were not prepared to fight them. It became an intercepted pass/own goal. As for nation-building, the Taliban just said ‘Thank’s for that. You did it in a fraction of the time’. What’s stopping the Taliban now extending their take-over to Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and even western China. It’ll be another ISIS caliphate backed by Iran and it’s allies and perhaps UAE (Qatar) and Saudi Arabia. NB Many Taliban sympathisers live in neighbouring countries and their total population is around 35 million, so let’s make sure that next time – we fight a proper war – and hand it over to the right people.

          On ABC 7.30 Report 18/8/2021, John Howard claimed Afghanistan has not been a failure, claiming the Coalition intervention there has prevented more 9/11 attacks and the overthrow of ISIS may have helped. In the long term, it is a failure of monumental proportions and will undermine confidence in our own military. Even our own military expert, David Kilcullen, got it horribly wrong.  In the WE Aust 21/8/2021 he said, ‘ I was dead wrong about the fall of Kabul’, and a few weeks earlier he said, ‘It would be a stretch to imagine the Taliban capturing Kabul anytime soon.’ Who can you trust with the truth!? God bless those in Kabul who took his advice.

          Although the Taliban has said they have changed e.g. they will respect the rights of women, there is no guarantee this will happen. Even by Islamic standards, the Taliban is considered to be a very radical form of the Sunni branch who implement very strict Sharia laws, so expect minority groups to be eliminated – as was the case with ISIS. Some of the reasons for this no guarantee, are that the Taliban is a disjointed mix of rebel groups ( inc. Al-Qaeda) that have differing objectives and they have already committed random executions and individuals are  currently going from house to house looking for their enemies – more ‘killing fields’?. In reality, the leaders of the Taliban have no effective control over their supporters in the short term – for the last quarter century the only order has been to kill the enemy.

          They may have no effective control in the long term either. As a result, there will be an escalation of attacks on the West from ‘lone wolf’ Islamic terrorists like Man Haron Monis ( the Lindt café siege in Sydney); who will be inspired by the easy rout of the Afghan government – who literally ran away at the sight of the Taliban.

What we have learnt from many past military fiasos, is that we need to develop effective tactics for defeating guerilla warfare. If we have to fight them in their own backyard, we do not use our ground troops. Instead we use air power and the local military mops up. In addition we starve them with other sanctions such as trade, finance and aid – no ammunition – no guerilla.

Islamic clerics in Australia have already claimed there is no reason why we should not be forced to convert. Many local terrorists have been inspired by Muslim cleric speeches in mosques. Therefore, if these clerics want to speak in their own languages, they must be recorded and translated to ensure they are complying with our anti-terrorist laws. As a result, every person in Australia needs to significantly increase their level of personal vigilance – a counter guerilla tactic – a home defence force ( my father was one). The Guardian Angels and Neighbourhood Watch could be expanded. Be on constant look out for strange activity, and report it to the police. For example, an odd purchase of fertiliser will indicate that person is intending to make a bomb. In turn, the police must defend themselves, their families and the public with a faster and tougher response e.g. if they are threatened with anything, they must shoot to kill in defence – don’t leave it to the toothless tiger judges – they will let perpetrators out quickly to continue their terror. We must ensure Australia does not slip into chaos like so many middle eastern countries. We have failed to defend Australia from COVID – make sure the same does not happen with Islamic terrorism. 

On 28/8/2021 the WE Aust reported that 100 people had been killed in two terror attacks outside Kabul airport. 12 of these were Americans, and the remainder, presumably, people with valid entry visas for other countries. ISIS – K, another group within the Taliban, has been accused of these murders. This proves the Taliban has no control over its supporters, so we can expect these terror attacks to spread throughout the world – unless checked.

Make sure there are no terrorists hidden amongst these refugees. Quarantine them in a hospital ( not a hotel or at home) and ensure they can understand English and our culture ( inc. health/COVID prevention ) before letting them out.

If Scottie cannot keep terrorist attacks to zero, then he needs to step aside so a tougher member of the Coalition can protect us.

The terror attacks have begun. On 4/9/2021 the WE Aust reported that a ‘lone wolf’ ISIS inspired terrorist had attacked shoppers, with a large knife, in Auckland, yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ He was of ‘national security interest’, had been under around-the-clock surveillance and was followed to the supermarket by armed police. He seriously inured three people before being shot dead. We must ensure we are as efficient, or more so. He should have been shot dead before he stabbed anyone.

On ABC 7.30 Report 9/9/2021 Paul Wolfowitz said there were two more serious terror attacks ( by Islamic terrorists after 9/11) at Mumbai and Heathrow airport, therefore the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq was justified and the situation could have been much worse. He said that the recent take over by the Taliban has had an’…inspirational effect…’ and gave terrorists and place where they could ‘…plan and organise…’ Also that there must be ‘…an end to harbouring terrorists…’ NB There have been 39 major Islamic terror attacks since 9/11.

For the 20th anniversary of 9/11 WE Aust of 11/9/2021 reported Ronald Reagan as saying ‘…(freedom) must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation.’ Scott Morrison said freedom was ‘fragile’ and 9/11 reminds ‘…us that we can never take peace, our freedom and our way of life for granted.’ The headline was ‘Terror threat ‘ is still with us’. What have you done to strengthen our freedom? David Kilcullen said we have ‘…come full circle..” since 9/11, meaning the Western alliance has ended up weaker on terrorism. In contrast, terrorists have become stronger ( more alliances) and better armed. He has called for an independent rethink. In a separate article ( mostly reminiscences) Scott Morrison said ‘…the terrorists ultimately failed in their attempts to crush our resolve…’ ‘…crush us…’ was also the headline. The Cambridge dictionary defines ‘crush’ as ‘… to defeat someone completely…’ i.e. not just to defeat them but completely e.g. a team is defeated if it loses 4-3 but 30-3 is being crushed – being crushed happens after you are defeated. Being crushed is not the issue. The issue is that we must ensure that Islamic terrorists get nowhere near us and that we must not tolerate even a threat let alone anyone being injured. If we wait for the ‘crush’ stage, it will be far too late. The ‘crush us’ policy was a failure with COVID and will be a failure with terror. The message Morrison must be sending is avoid any incidence of Islamic terrorism e.g. sympathisers (rather than avoiding being crushed). NB You can spot a terrorist sympathiser if they wear Muslim clothes in public e.g. the full head covering for women and/or if the women are required to walk behind men – these are symbols that these people are not prepared to assimilate. Also, if females are deprived in any way, then the husband/father is potentially an Islamic terrorist. Prevention is the best cure. The only senior public servant retained by the Taliban is the Chief Medical Officer with the economy plunging into bankruptcy and starvation.

Extreme Islamic terror is a minuscule element in a very large moderate world, so it will be eradicated. It is your responsibility to ensure this eradication happens in the least possible time.

This will be an evolving article, so stay tuned.