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This article has been posted as a community service. Australia should have no cases of COVID19 what-so-ever, let alone letting in five more deadly strains.  The fact that it is rapidly spreading, and getting harder to cure, is very frustrating for me and many others, indicating that some very essential mechanisms are just not working. We hear about ‘fortress Australia’. It may be a fortress but there are many gaps in its wall – allowing people and diseases to enter as they wish. COVID is a wake-up-call to the ‘lucky country’.

          We hear politicians say, ‘Do the right thing,’ but this is meaningless – only ‘baby boomers’ know what this means. B Hazzard ( NSW Minister for Health) certainly lives up to his name. He recommended using ‘common sense’, but most people are lacking this.  Some other experts have said it is about collaboration, integration, conversation , Fed Gov blaming State Govs, etc. All this pollie-speak is nonsense. Since the 60’s there has been general decline in personal health standards. What is becoming slowly obvious, is that it is all about better personal hygiene – closing down businesses has much more downside than upside. More cough medicines, tablets and flu shots have bolstered this decline.  Even staying at home has little affect. Also we have learnt from the annual flu outbreaks, that the best way to catch something, is to go on a long plane flight. This knowledge is suppressed, as the airlines do not want to lose business. In the early days of COVID, a large proportion of choristers caught it. The problem became quite clear; one singer spread it around quickly during a session by puffing out contaminated breath in a very confined space. Most of these diseases originate overseas so closing our national border must be a no-brainer. But they still get through. With COVID a second barrier has been hotel quarantine, but this is equally ineffective. There has been a breach of this every 7-8 days. Once it gets through these two barriers, it is almost impossible to contain, as we are finding.

          This disease is respiratory (living in saliva) and is closely related to sniffles, coughs, sinusitis, sore throat, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. Others that have appeared since then are Spanish, Legionaires, Ebola, SARS, Swine, Bird and Asian. If your lungs become infected with any of these diseases, you will find it harder to breath – therefore absorbing less oxygen in the air that you need to live – finally death. All these diseases occur in cold damp climates in congested environments. That’s a major clue to avoiding it – hot dry air in a wide space. That’s why sports teams are playing and relocating to Queensland. Nobody in my quarter of Brisbane has experienced COVID or knows anybody who has. This means that there are ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots. It is not surprising that children are becoming mega spreaders. Since COVID started, the incidence of the flu has subsided. Just the minimum masks and hand washing has been enough to reduce the flu. I saw a woman on TV saying she provides hand sanitiser and masks for all her employees, BUT these two cures and not enough.

          One of the major problems is that TV and social medial only work on high impact visual image – COVID does not provided this.

          In ancient times, these diseases killed off the susceptible people, while those that had a natural immunity survived. This surviving group then had a ‘herd immunity’ to that disease. The problem is that new ‘mutations’ keep arising, and the battle goes on. The most alarming thing about these mutations is that they are becoming more resistant to the body’s immune system and to drugs. Penicillin is a good example of this problem. Each time there is an outbreak, it is worse than the previous one. This mutating is already happening with COVID19 where the Delta (Indian) and Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Kappa strains are worse than the original COVID one. Knowing that a more dangerous variant has developed in India, it would be suicidal to allow anybody into the country from India – whatever the excuses may be. This logic must be  extended to other countries. Prevention of death must be above emotional issues.

          These new strains have a longer incubation period, so are harder to detect – two weeks in quarantine is not sufficient and one expert said they will continue to find gaps in our poor personal hygiene. There is still no cure for the ‘common cold’.

          Although the Black Death in medieval England was not a respiratory disease – isolation did help.

          Respiratory diseases need saliva to live in, so if they are deprived of this then they die very quickly. With COVID the lungs become infected and therefore cannot absorb enough oxygen for you to live on. Sufferers have been given Oxygen, but this is not a permanent cure – it is only a temporary one to give the immune system enough time to defeat COVID. Their best habitat is a sneeze, cough or spit – therefore eliminate these. I grew up in Hobart and worked in Melbourne – both damp climates. My parents grew up in New Zealand – also a damp climate. Winter was always the worst time for these diseases, as they lived for longer in the damp air. Consequently, our mothers had a large list of ‘old wives tales’ on how to minimize these diseases, and some of these strategies are listed below. Don’t leave the cure up to governments. They are reluctant to admit the cure is better personal hygiene, and in a very tight voter balance, any lost ones may see them tossed out. COVID is a classic case where the hard truth is suppressed. We all learnt that preventing a disease was far better than trying to cure one that you have caught. Some ‘old wives tales’ are:

Tighter Border security At the start of June, one person entered Aus. with the Delta variant. At present ( 27/7/2021) , this person has spread it to at least 60 other people – this is how devastating this disease can be. There are, obviously, ‘hot spot’ countries vis India. People wishing to enter Aus. from these countries ( inc. ex-patriots, holiday makers) must be subject to very strict controls. I lived in Asia for 6 years and realised that anything can be bought inc. jab certificates ( especially in a crisis). If these people want to enter Aus. they must have their full vaccination certificates verified by the Aus. Embassy in their departing country and get a negative test immediately prior to leaving. Then spend 4 weeks in a hospital grade quarantine station in Aus. and get a negative test before leaving there – all at their own expense. This is just a minimum. Diplomats and business people are not exempt. Most of these people can perform their jobs here in Aus. with email, Skype, Facetime, Zoom etc

Avoid left wing advice Every politician says they are ‘taking medical advice’ but are they implementing it. By the time it gets to you, it has been twisted to suit the Party’s general policy.  The prime advice is to slavishly implement left wing policy, therefore being completely reliant on government. Another classic left wing advice is to close all private enterprise businesses. Dan Andews and Melbourne have proven this to be correct, See our Missed Tweet on the Swiss Cheese Problem.

Winter. Respiratory diseases are more likely the closer to get to the Poles in winter. It is not the temperature that is important. Where it is below  zero all day, this is likely to kill any diseases. But the real issue is in the temperature zone 10 – 0 where the moisture is not frozen out of the air. Melbourne and Hobart are in this zone, so people living here must be far more preventative.

Well balanced diet. This means eating as many different foods as possible. This then gives your digestive system far more medicinal foods to choose from, which are then used to boost your immune system. Two ‘comfort foods’ I eat more of in the Autumn and Winter are garlic and onions. A favourite ‘comfort food’ is a hot leek and potato soup ( with plenty of garlic and onions) garnished with spring onions or chives. Use a wide variety of herbs and spices – many medicines have been developed from these. Ancient Chinese Emperors were the first to mass produce medicines from food. More red meat will help. My mother made me eat a steak for  Saturday breakfast before a rugby match – probably for the additional energy. She also gave us two teaspoons of cod liver oil each day. During the Spanish Flu, it was found that poor diet was the main problem. I was on a 5 week sailing adventure and one of the crew was a Vegan. On reaching landfall, she was nearly dead, so we took her to a doctor, who just recommended ‘Eat’, and charged her A$50.

Certainly do not sneeze on someone. This is one personal hygiene measure that has been drummed into English people for generations – ‘Ah tish-oo, and we all fall down’. ‘Bless you’ was another phrase indicating that person had a mortal disease.

Don’t sneeze into your elbow. Especially if you are wearing a sleeve – it just becomes a festering hive of germs that escape every time you stretch your arm.

Stay dry. Hobart was very damp in winter. Thick mist never settled on the ground and kids were always wet through – wet feet, hair and shoulders. Clothes would not dry on the line. I always start sneezing half an hour after getting wet. This does not occur with salt water, as I was a sailor. If not checked quickly, this would become a dribbling nose, then blocked sinuses. This caused a bleeding nose which in turn prevented nose blowing. It then became a cough with phlegm in the throat finally dropping into my lungs as Bronchitis.I still have to use a hair dryer after washing my hair and am paranoiac about getting wet with fresh water. My theory is that something lives in fresh water between 10 degree and freezing and enters my body through skin pores??

Stay warm. With the onset of a dribbling nose, mum used to dress me up in rugby jumpers to ‘sweat it out’ overnight. Over the years I have proven that being hotter does combat this problem. A glaring example was when I worked in the tropics. I came home to Hobart on holiday but by the time I left, I had contracted Bronchitis. Within three days back in the tropics, the Bronchitis was cured. In Hobart and Melbourne I had some respiratory problem most of the year. In the tropics (8 years) I had nothing. As a result, I now live in Brisbane, but I still have to be very careful with the onset of Autumn.

Lock downs do not work. They are only useful to restrict the movement of people so the contact tracers can be more accurate. Staying at home only spreads it around within your family. If you are not earning money you fall into poverty. Boris Johnson (England) has finally conceded this is not a cure and creates more overall harm than good. On 20/7/2021 Prof Mc Laws said the Government ( Aus. health) messages were ‘confusing’ – what do the terms ‘essential services’ and ‘essential movements’ mean. Having a crap is an essential movement. If this is confusing to English speakers, how can people who speak ‘little English’ be expected to understand!?

Stay away from anyone with one of these diseases. 1.5 meters is not sufficient – it is more like 5 meters.  This must apply to members of the same family. I saw a queue waiting to enter my supermarket. Couples were standing together (even holding hands) but they had 1.5 meters to the next couple. Even my sister said that the 1.5 meter rule does not apply in her family. It has always been known that kids at school are mega-spreaders, who then bring it home to infect their parents and friends. Unfortunately, infected members of a family must be effectively isolated at home. It has been proven that fine droplets of breath can travel many meters before they finally fall to the ground. This has also been a problem with hotel quarantine – these droplets are spread by the air conditioning system to other rooms and hallways – even escaping under doors. On 27/7/2021 somebody was surprised that COVID spread between two people passing one another. This just proves how little most people know about respiratory diseases.

Stay in bed. Not only is this an effective form of isolation, it conserves energy that can be used to fight the disease and you stay warm and dry.

Sneeze, cough  into a handkerchief, BUT kill these germs by boiling it for five minutes ASAP. Although masks were used during the Spanish outbreak, they are not completely effective. The only completely effective ones are those that filter droplets out of the air – often seen in hospital intensive care units. Most masks worn for COVID19 have little filtering, with their only use being to divert your outgoing breath to each side. I have proven this by wearing similar masks while creating dust – the dust in my nose, mouth and face indicates that the mask is fairly useless. Wearing one of these could create a false sense of security.   

          One study on flu a few years ago found that an escalator handrail was the best place to catch the flu – one person coughs into their hand then transfers their saliva to the handrail, where another person picks it up. Therefore avoid touching all handrails ( including door knobs and bus/train straps). My supermarket offers sanitized hand wipes to be used before holding a trolly handle – use these. Many shops also offer sanitized hand wash – use this on entry and exit. My doctor’s waiting room no longer has magazines to read – great way to transfer COVID. I was on a train where a verbal announcement recommended opening the door by touching the button with your elbow. Gloves have gone out of fashion, but 100 years ago they were a necessary health aid. An alternative to a handkerchief is to use a tissue and then seal this in a zip bag and dispose of this in a bin.

Do not spit. Up until about 50 years ago, everybody hawked up phlegm and spat it out onto the ground – a perfect way to spread diseases. Spittoons were introduced, but these were quickly banned. If you need to, wash it down the toilet, along with any tissues that you blow your nose into. 

Do not kiss others. This applies to members of the same family. I saw a man on TV claiming that kissing was a major part of his culture. He lives in Melbourne and is probably a major reason why COVID keeps breaking out.

No hugging. After the first people were re-united after an isolation period, the first thing they did was to hug one another at the airport. My son is amused at why I shout at the TV – what I saw was complete ignorance and irresponsibility – no wonder this virus is running rampant.

Do not shake hands. This has become a standard, although there are still many people who want to continue this practice. I just say, ‘Sorry, but you might catch something’.

Wash your hands 10 times a day. Mum insisted everyone wash their hands before each meal. This has been a health practice for thousands of year and has become a religious ritual. It not only minimizes respiratory diseases but many others as well. Soap ( not hand santiser) is still the best way to do this, and you may as well do it as often as possible – especially immediately after returning home. Before going out will also help.

Get more fresh air. When my father had our house centrally heated my problems got far worse. To keep down the heating cost, he would re-circulate warm air from inside the house. If someone brought home germs, they were circulated around and around until they infected everyone. Even before then, my mother used to throw open the windows ‘to let fresh air in’. After one outbreak in QLD  I had to travel across town. It was a toss-up between everyone sharing germs on the bus and train or being cooped up with a taxi driver. I opted for the driver, but he should have kept all his windows down to maximize fresh air circulation. If someone got into his taxi at 5 am with COVID, every other person would have probably caught it that day. This has already been proven by a driver picking up a flight crew at an airport.

Encase your pillow in a water proof bag. While you are asleep a lot of saliva drips out of your mouth and is absorbed by your pillow. Encasing the pillow in a water-proof bag ensures that the saliva does not infect your pillow. The saliva then is absorbed by the pillow case.

Boil your pillow case every day. If you do not do these two things, then you run a very high risk of continually re-infecting yourself ( and anyone you sleep with). If you use a re-useable mask, this must be boiled every day to kill any germs.

 Dry your washing in direct sunshine. Direct sunlight kills off many diseases. One classic example is Golden Staff.

No sex. The Ebola virus was unstoppable and set to devastate the whole world, until health authorities discovered it was mainly spread through sexual contact 

Don’t use money. A plastic note may pass through dozens of hands during the day. Each time it changes hands, germs change hands also. This applies to pens, keyboards, phones etc.

Carry sanitiser on you at all times. Wipe everything before touching it.

Do not share food, drink or their utensils. Long after the outbreak I saw a mother take a swig from a bottle and then she immediately gave it to her child – a perfect way to spread all these diseases. This includes glasses, straws, forks and spoons. Keep your tooth brush separate. We banned ‘double-dipping’ long ago for this reason.

Do not blow out cake candles.  If you do, everyone will get a good dose of your germs with their slice.

Minimise time in air conditioned environments Legionaires Disease was contracted by some Legionaires (USA) staying at a hotel conference. This disease lived, permanently, in the moist air of the air conditioning system. Most people now drive cars with the A/C on 24/7 – just count the number with all their windows up on a warm sunny day.

Gargle with salt water. Always used by my mother.

Inhale salted steam. Also used. Salt is hydrogen chloride, and the chlorine is a disinfectant. Beach bathing became popular in Liverpool when a doctor found that if you left your feet in the sea – it cured Tinea. The sea cruise became popular for the same reason – fresh salty air. The Ruby Princess disaster was the opposite – many people cooped up inside an air conditioned environment.  Since then salt water has been recommended as a cure for many other ailments.

Drink alcohol. My mother made a hot toddy to be drunk in bed each night. Honey and sugar were dissolved in hot water which also diluted the brandy. The honey and sugar provided added energy to fight the disease. Brandy has long been known to have a high medicinal value. It was used on cuts and surgery so it probably disinfected the throat. The main ingredient in hand sanitisers is alcohol along with cough medicines. Red wine has been proven to have other medicinal benefits like weight control and alcohol may give you a good night’s sleep ( drunk during Cocktail Hour) – a great medicinal value in itself.

Everybody must understand English It is fruitless for government health officials to talk, and write about, preventative measures if there are people who cannot comprehend English. Everybody who wants to enter Australia must be able to do this. This pandemic has proven that if someone needs an interpreter – it is probably too late.

Communication by governments is inadequate If you watch ABC TV you will receive advice from over a dozen different ‘experts’ – all at different times and they are limited to a few words. Even the QLD Premier disputes news releases from the National Cabinet. They all pass the buck onto others – nobody is ultimately responsible. Who decided it took 15 minutes to be transmitted!?? – all these respiratory transmissions are instantaneous.

Exhaustion People have been enduring escalating incompetence for the last 18 months – they are becoming tired of trying to work all the misinformation out. There is an increasing number of people experiencing anxiety, depression and suicide. Another side effect is the turn-off and complacency. Governments need to get real results very quickly to avoid these side effects.

Pseudoephedrine My wife returned from Hobart recently with a sniffle, and I caught it very quickly. That night I turned my electric blanket on to 3, took a tablet and Aspro. The tablet ( taken each day) dries out the phlegm, which stops the disease spreading up my respiratory system. There is no proof that this works with COVID, but it does with some other respiratory diseases.


Vaccines are not the cure. This concept started with the flu vaccine, and if you are waiting for a COVID vaccine – you may well die waiting. The Australian rollout has become a stumble. In the US you can get a vaccine at home. Even if you finally get a complete program, you may still be one of the 10% who die. But, if a vaccine is available, why not take it? It adds to the mix of deterrents. On 23/ 7/2021 Chant said, there was a ‘mythological’ opposition to AstraZenica. Although there is a minuscule chance of getting a blood clot from this vaccine, there is a national oversupply when there is an under-supply in NSW. Who are these intellectually challenged people who are endangering our lives by refusing to get this vaccine – especially when they are flight attendants on aircraft – mega spreaders (QLD 23/7/2021).

Complacency. With the advent of vaccines, people have become complacent to wait for this cure. This has in fact spread the disease, especially with Delta variant.

          Waiting for a COVID jab ( as we have been conditioned to wait for a flu one) may not be the cure. Despite promises that we would be at the top of the list to get these vaccines from foreign manufacturers, we found that we slipped very quickly down the list ( with the EU diverting our contracted supplies to their own countries). On top of this the roll-out has been very slow, with nursing homes left waiting. We were left with the AstraZenica one that we could make here. This has been found to create blood clots and has been restricted to the over 50’s. This was recently raised to the over 60’s and is now going to be phased out. This has created a lot of confusion – government directives are changing every minute – this is chaos. COVID has made it quite clear that Australia must manufacture critical products. It is similar to the armed forces – that operate on a skeleton basis, BUT can be rapidly expanded when there is a crisis. Repelling diseases in no exception, and should be part of border defence. What if China was to spray us with a far more deadly virus – chemical warfare is next.

Quarantine does not work. Germs are spread by the hotel air conditioning and leak out under the door while people break out and NRL players disregard it. It is not a cure. It is only a containment to see if that person is infected. Two weeks is not enough. If mandatory hotel quarantine is not working, voluntary home quarantine will certainly not work. Australia has had proper quarantine stations in the past ( North Head, Sydney) – why do we not have them now?

Contact tracing does not work. In my area hotels and restaurants do require people to check in and out. But, some of these patrons do not have the smart phone to do this and just walk in and out. No other business records people.

Relying on Aps An increasing number of people are relying on their smart phone and/or Ap to inform them of a COVID crisis. This is proving to be a complete failure as it tales up to 5 days for these people to be warned. This delay is far too late.

Ration vaccines My parents lived during WW2 and just about everything was scarce, so it was rationed. This is the same with COVID19 and Pfizer. Although I am old and also susceptible to respiratory problems, living on my own ( isolated) in a ‘cold spot’; I have decided that there are far more deserving people than me. It seems to me there is a priority list for vaccines (and effective PPE): 1 ‘Front line troops’ – health workers (inc doctors surgeries, testing stations, nursing, quarantine). Once we keep them fighting ( compared with India) we need to concentrate on those who are more likely to spread it. 2 Transport workers (inc airline, bus, train, cab). 3 ‘Hot spots’. 4 High daily contact people ( shop assistants, counter staff, child care, students)….100 Hermits. Scarce vaccines must be reserved ( by Fed Gov) so that all the top priority people are jabbed before moving on to the next group. It is incompetence and a waste of a valuable resource to advise all people to get vaccinated when there is insufficient for this task.

          Even when masks are mandatory, people either don’t wear them or wear them incorrectly. Many people still have their noses poking out. One guy even pulled his down to talk to me.

          My supermarket has hand sanitiser for incoming customers, but I am the only one who uses it.  

          We havn’t learnt much from all the previous respiratory outbreaks, so we need to learn from this one – and VERY FAST. As one health official said, ( COVID) ‘it WILL NOT BE THE LAST’. You need to start implementing these precautions before the next ( more virulent) one is dropped from an airplane. If you are not implementing all of these precautions, you are part of the problem; rather than part of the cure, and therefore contributing to increased poverty and suicides. Scott Morrison needs to tighten things up or he will find himself replaced by another Coalition person who will.

On 7th July Dr Kerry Chant ( NSW Chief Health Officer ) said ‘… destiny is in your hands’.

          The front line defence is an air tight national border. Second line is air tight quarantine and the third line is much better personal hygiene. If COVID gets into nursing homes and child care centres, we must take the Government out the back and shoot them – replacing them with a couple of  10 year olds. Over my many years I have found the most effective cure is a hot dry climate – preferably on a secluded ocean beach – this maybe one reason why English sailors called the Pacific ‘Paradise’.

NB These ‘old wives tales’ are not a cure, ( after you have got it) but they will go a long was as a prevention to all respiratory diseases, including COVID19).

Why does it take the NZ Prime Minister ( 23/7/2021) to say we must adopt ‘a tougher approach’.

What COVID19 is proving is, that when we are faced with a real crisis – WE CANNOT COPE. The ‘She’ll be right’ attitude by politicians has proven to be a failure. This is a WAR. COVID19 has invaded us and all governments have left our defence up to households to fight a street-to-street guerilla battle. See our Missed Tweet cartoon ‘Every man for himself’.

POST NOTE This article is probably common sense to some people (like me), but it is likely to be an explosive article for others. Some may consider it is politically incorrect, alarmist, too drastic and some politicians may be voted out ( by the odd vote change) if they admitted to these self-evident truths. Never-the-less, in an emergency such as this, this article needs to be implemented to protect the nation.


The only pre election poll had the Libs at 52% in February, This fell to 41%, and the Weekend Australian on 1st May (election day) reported a ‘tight’ one with a ‘late surge’ by Labor. Although Labor only had 31% neither party was prepared to form an alliance to govern. We started our anti Labor campaign in early April with mainly Tweets  4 – 6 PM. The basis of this was half a dozen cartoons that were used in the 2019 Federal election, that were generic in nature. In the last week we also Tweeted 12 – 2. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were also heavily anti Labor with any pro Labor Tweeters cancelled out with Retweets. On Saturday night the Labor leader conceded defeat but it was not until Sunday evening that the Libs won a majority to govern in their own right. The result on Saturday night was a 4.1% swing away from Labor. Our Tweeting was not the average – a conversation. On some days we Tweeted or Retweeted over 100 times, getting over 30 Likes and over 2,000 people reading them each day.

We drove home our success with the following Tweets on Sunday afternoon:

TAS ELECTION ‘You did it John. 😍YOU SAVED THE WORLD AGAIN‘🥰 ‘Yes Q, we saved Tasmania in 2014 and Scomo in 2019. We launched a late QLD campaign in 2020 with Labor only getting in with One Nation votes at the last minute. We think a 4% swing against Tas Labor was a good reward’.

TAS ELECTION ‘John! Why did’nt you campaign in the WA election. I have no vested interest in WA, but that may change in future. I may just do it to 😍SAVE THEM FROM Dr EVIL’. 🥰

TAS ELECTION ‘John, the Weekend Australian had the Tas election as ‘tight’ with a ‘late surge’ to Labor. The end result was almost a Lib landslide. ☹️WHY DID THEY GET IT SO WRONG? 😩Well Q, they underestimated the power of a Tweet.

SHRINE FENCE  There is no one word to describe how bad this situation is. Some that spring to mind are dis-respect, disillusionment,  dis-honourable, blasfemous, abhorrent, unthankful, shameful, traitorist, painful, anger, concentration camp, disbelief, heart breaking, insulting, un-Australian, disbelief, debilitating, outrageous, disgraceful, unconscionable, offensive, inciting, knee-jerk, surreptitious, provocative, hypocritical, sacrilege, crude, cancel culture, reprehensible, unintelligent, insensitive, rude, lockout: just to name few. I am sure true-blue Aussies could add a few more. I assume the fence was erected to stop people congregating near the shrine, but they just did it outside the fence. Therefore it had no medical use at all. What it has done is highlight the fact that the Left wing is trying to destroy Australian culture. This has always been a key strategy by the communists. The Marxists used this when they destroyed the Russian aristocracy and their culture. Not content with this, they then banned religion. They were hoping this destruction would eliminate any opposition to their new ideology. Anyone who objected was carted away to Siberia and ‘retrained’.  This ‘retraining’ is now happening with the Uyghers in western communist China. Being ‘politically correct’ is this attempted retraining in progress here in Australia. This Leftist strategy is clearly apparent when the Left is allowed to march down streets (in defiance of police orders to the contrary) but our hero’s are not even allowed to congregate at a war shrine. The people who allowed this to happen are traitors and must be severely punished. I would not be surprised if this has not caused another avoidable suicide. Daniel Andrews ( Labor Premier of Victoria?) has demonstrated where his support lies – with the Belt and Road deal with the Chinese communist government. Closing businesses ( COVID19 cure) is also a communist strategy. This criminal infiltration of Australia does not end there – see article below. Marise Payne is already tearing up these shonky deals, and I would not be surprised if other people followed. Having this fence removed would have been a good start, along with some good old Aussie abuse. There is a war escalating, but it is not a hoard of yellow men rushing over the border with guns – it is a cold war – where the Chinese government buys up as much essential resources as possible. It used to be ‘Reds under the bed’. Now it’s Reds in your bed’. Wake up and do something to stop this insidious invasion – before we are overrun.  Security is the top priority of all goverments – make sure you vote for this first.


It was a great relief to hear that Marise Payne had torn up Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road agreement with China. No foreign government should own (freehold /leasehold) anywhere in Australia. This type of state ownership poses a security risk. It is done so that the Communist government of  China can control essential resources without having to rely on traditional trade  systems – the Chinese invasion. They do not want financial dividends but control.  It is a security risk because if China feels these resources are declining, it will intervene with military power to ‘protect’ them. This will not happen with private ownership.

          Germany invaded France to gain more steel and coal, Poland to gain more wheat and Russia to gain more oil. Japan did the same to China. If USA can establish it’s own territory at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, then China could do the same at Darwin.

          This is a threat, because China’s ownership is increasing at an alarming rate. It now is the biggest foreign owner of land at 2.4 % and is the biggest owner of  fresh water. These two together indicate China is planning to ensure it controls food production. Labor man Wayne Swan sold the biggest cotton producer (Cubby Station) meaning China has better supplies for clothing.

          The Chinese government own 100% of the port of Darwin, 50% of Newcastle and 20% of Melbourne, indicating they want to control the export of these resources and the import of their manufactured goods. It owns 76 ports in 35 countries and Chinese warships have been seen in many of these. These are what is termed ‘island chains’. It is also moving to control more of our energy. They own Energy Australia and Alinta Energy. It owns an airstrip on Male Island Maldives and is creating new islands in the South China Sea ( Spratley and Paracels) along with substantial infrastructure loans to Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands – which will become debt traps.  Vanuatu is having trouble repaying China US$1.7 billion and in return China is demanding a long term military base there (Luganville). Manus Island PNG has been mooted as a site for a Chinese fishing company and city. It also owns Tulagi Island ( a deep water port) in Solomon Islands. China owns the Merredan airport in Perth. It has control of Keswick Island on the Great Barrier Reef and has already started restricting residents access to public beaches, parks, boat ramps, air strip and one couple were evicted from their rented house with three days notice. It is to be a resort for rich Communists.  Owners have been banned from renting out properties including Airbnb. And, if you get sick, don’t count on that good old Aussie care. China now is the third biggest health provider buying Healthe Care ( was the third largest private one) and 34 hospitals throughout Australia. If you think the queues are long now, just wait for all the Chinese nationals who will be ahead of you – all jetted in by Chinese planes through Chinese airports. The Chinese Communist Party invasion of Australia is well under way, and it will take some tough people to defend us.

COVID 19 – BORDERS The bungles over quarantine prove that we are incapable of restraining this pandemic once it enters Australia and closing businesses is not the answer. Also people have proven they do not implement sufficient personal hygiene measures – masks and 1.5 metre spacing have proven to be failures. Also the vaccine rollout has proven to be far less efficient than promised – supply ‘contracts’ broken, the ‘preferred’ Astrazenica not effective under 50, some recipients getting blood clots after the jab and some people just not confident to take it. People vaccinated but subsequently testing positive. The basic strain is now mutating into far more resistant strains ( probably immune to all the recent vaccines). While all this chaos is reigning, we MUST implement our first line of defence in this WAR by ensuring all borders are air tight. There must be no exemptions. It is also lunacy to think that home quarantine will work.

GREEN HOUSE GASSES Are you the cause of global warming or the solution? People breath out carbon dioxide and trees breath it in and vice versa – making the two dependent one one another for mutual survival. One person emits 1kgm of carbon dioxide every day. One tree emits .32 kgm of oxygen every day. This means, for there to be a balance, there must be 3.1 trees for every human. If you do not own 3.1 trees, then you are the cause of global warming. I live alone on a ‘quarter acre’ block and I am encouraging as many trees to grow as possible – 20 ( or the equivalent). Therefore I am reducing global warming. What are you doing – just trying to turn out my lights!!???

CLARE O’NEIL MP – an example of a Labor man-hater. She is a uni law graduate but uses her personal emotional nonsense to blame the Brittany Higgins affair on a male culture in Parliament House. To quote her…not about Brittany Higgins…an environment where there is a certain amount of entitlement…can rape…almost right… what caused the assault was a man who felt entitled…system protects him. Leigh Sales asked, ‘..give us some examples’. O’Neil…really hard to describe this type of behaviour…senior politicians are male…staffers are male…men ( sitting in the cafe) talking loudly…strutting through the hallways…lolling on couches…all this sort of behaviour. Ms Higgins retracted her initial complaint and, since the event, numerous women have jumped on this band wagon. One woman said she did not want to go to the police because this would be …traumatic. I am just a man – in – the – street, but all this comes across as a pack of lies, demonstrating why reasonable people do not vote for Labor.

COMPOST BIN What a load of old rubbish. If households need a separate compost bin then they are wasting far too much food. My father had a compost bin at the far end of our garden. It was there because it stank of decomposing matter. This matter was largely grass clippings followed by tree leaves. The ‘green bin’ is for this. A few cauliflower leaves may have been added from the kitchen. Meat and fish bones were never added because they just attracted flies who made maggots. Compost was dug out of the bottom, but it was not given to farmers, it went onto our garden beds. All this looks like is another excuse to increase our, already exorbitant, rates bill. Ever heard of soup, sauces, stew, fried rice, Pizza etc – that’s where the kitchen scraps go. NB We don’t recycle anything. We sell rubbish to Asian countries who recycle it. Perhaps this should be binned and replaced by an Inquiry into local Councils. Ipswich and Logan Councils have been put into Administration with Paul Pissasale (Mayor) jailed. One fraud is they say rates go up when house values go up, but they don’t go down when values fall. Also rate payers could tick what they want on a list and their rates are based on this. Ask Costa about household compost.

THE SMART PEOPLE ARE LEAVING VICTORIA As a direct result of communist Daniel Andrews making a complete cock up of the COVID19 problem, droves of this state’s most useful people are relocating elsewhere. As a result Dan will be left with dead beat left wing voters – but, perhaps that’s what he wants. But, I am sure it’s not what the unfortunates who cannot leave want. This is a recipe for conflict. Those who can work from home are relocating to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Melbourne will become a ‘rust belt’ city – rising unemployment and falling property values.

BRITTANY HIGGINS’S SEX LIFE What a contorted crock of cold coloured cockies crap this has caused. There was never any rape involved. It was just another case of a young couple getting more thrills out of sex. I can remember when other couples had sex in the back of speeding cars, sitting on the drivers lap, in the room next to the parents bedroom, in churches, on the front lawn, in surf crowds, public gardens, office toilets and even in a hearse. What about the Mile High Club? You name it, a couple had sex there, and just recently. You cannot ignore the call of the Creator. The problem was this couple got recorded on the CCV walking through Parliament house. He got penalised for a breach of security – not rape. As Confucius once said, ‘Rape impossible. Man with pants down, can’t catch girl with knickers up’. Unfortunately this thrilling adventure became a political football. To protect herself, Brittany was force to call rape – long after the event. I accept that the following will be explosive for some men haters; if alleged rape is not reported immediately to the police, then it is not rape. If it is to be treated as a genuine crime, like all others such as car theft, you don’t wait for years to report it. A convenient red herring for Labor. The most probable sequence of events was; after office party love struck coupe agree to a thrill by making love in Ministers office, he convinces security they are returning to do some work, he panics when he realizes they will be seen on CCTV, he leaves in a hurry, security guard finds her still in office, she has not been raped so does not report rape to the police, man is charged with security breach, word gets around, she is embarrassed, realizes she may lose her job, after two years tries to protect her reputation by calling rape, confusion.

CLIMATE CHANGE A zero emissions target by 2050 is impossible. The biggest emitters are volcanoes and animals. Who is going to plug up all the volcanoes and animal bums (inc humans). Nitrous oxide and methane are far more potent than CO2 – and that’s where these gasses come from. Even plowing up a field will release them. If pollies want to gain some credibility with voters, a more realistic target is zero emissions from coal fired power stations, but we will not tolerate the lights being turned out to achieve this.


1 ‘This virus is airborne’. Somebody just made this announcement on TV. What hope have we of trusting politicians and their medical advisors if it has taken a year to discover this. All respiratory illnesses are airborne – that ‘s their main mode of travel – they make infected people cough and sneeze so their offspring can grow up in another human.

2 ‘Hotels are unsuitable for quarantine’. Another belatedly alarming discovery. They were always unsuitable. All they do is suck out the virus from room # 314, cool it down ( which suits the virus) and recirculates it to room # 315. If it does not like it there, it escapes under the door. Like air conditioned offices, boats, planes, houses, cars, trains and busses – they are super-spreaders.