It was a great relief to hear that Marise Payne had torn up Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road agreement with China. No foreign government should own (freehold /leasehold) anywhere in Australia. This type of state ownership poses a security risk. It is done so that the Communist government of  China can control essential resources without having to rely on traditional trade  systems – the Chinese invasion. They do not want financial dividends but control.  It is a security risk because if China feels these resources are declining, it will intervene with military power to ‘protect’ them. This will not happen with private ownership.

          Germany invaded France to gain more steel and coal, Poland to gain more wheat and Russia to gain more oil. Japan did the same to China. If USA can establish it’s own territory at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, then China could do the same at Darwin.

          This is a threat, because China’s ownership is increasing at an alarming rate. It now is the biggest foreign owner of land at 2.4 % and is the biggest owner of  fresh water. These two together indicate China is planning to ensure it controls food production. Labor man Wayne Swan sold the biggest cotton producer (Cubby Station) meaning China has better supplies for clothing.

          The Chinese government own 100% of the port of Darwin, 50% of Newcastle and 20% of Melbourne, indicating they want to control the export of these resources and the import of their manufactured goods. It owns 76 ports in 35 countries and Chinese warships have been seen in many of these. These are what is termed ‘island chains’. It is also moving to control more of our energy. They own Energy Australia and Alinta Energy. It owns an airstrip on Male Island, Maldives, and is creating new islands in the South China Sea (Spratley and Paracels) along with substantial infrastructure loans to Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands – which will become debt traps.  Vanuatu is having trouble repaying China US$1.7 billion and in return China is demanding a long term military base there (Luganville). Manus Island PNG has been mooted as a site for a Chinese fishing company and city. It also owns Tulagi Island ( a deep water port) in Solomon Islands. China owns the Merredan airport in Perth. It has control of Keswick Island on the Great Barrier Reef and has already started restricting residents access to public beaches, parks, boat ramps, air strip and one couple were evicted from their rented house with three days notice. It is to be a resort for rich Communists.  Owners have been banned from renting out properties including Airbnb. And, if you get sick, don’t count on that good old Aussie care. China now is the third biggest health provider buying Healthe Care ( was the third largest private one) and 34 hospitals throughout Australia. If you think the queues are long now, just wait for all the Chinese nationals who will be ahead of you – all jetted in by Chinese planes through Chinese airports. The Chinese invasion will not be a mass of soldiers peddling down from their base in Darwin or even paddling from the South China Sea; it will be similar to their tactics in Hong Kong – incremental pressure. Just watch them at work with Taiwan – fishing restrictions, cyber attacks and trade sanctions and ‘re-educating’ Uighurs in concentration camps. The WE Aust of 25/9/2021 reported that Taiwan wants to join the CPTPP trade group. China has opposed this by saying ‘… Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory…’ and banned wax and custard apple imports on the excuses of ‘…pests…’ ABC 7 News on 4/10/2021 reported that Chinese war planes had made incursions into Taiwan airspace. This is an obvious provocation, which prompted Taiwan to say China was about to start a war with them and they requested Australia’s help. ABC 7 News 21/9/2021 reported a huge drop in Chinese Communist party purchases of our iron ore. This was covered up with the excuse that it was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but it was actually a message to Australia that they could cause us severe economic harm – just find a bigger basket to sell to. Australian made nuclear subs will not be available until 2040. We need to buy some immediately to act as a deterrent – simple home survival – buy tomatoes until you can grow them in your backyard. The WE Aust of 9/10/2021 reported Tony Abbott, at a conference in Taipei, said China had ‘weaponised trade’ and had taken a ‘belligerent’ attitude for no reason. The Chinese government are obviously expecting some testing times ahead, as they are purging their ranks of people who might have ‘decadent’ sympathies elsewhere, including senior security official, Sun Lijun, educated at Uni. NSW. The Chinese Communist Party invasion of Australia is well under way, and it will take some tough people to defend us.

We need to do to China, what they did to Hong Kong – start tearing up agreements. A plan would be to re-possess 20% of Chinese ownership in Australia every year.

If the US withdraws from the Western Pacific vis Taiwan and the South China Sea, this will leave us on our own to defend Aus from the creeping colonialism of China. If Scomo cannot do this, then he needs to hand it over to a tougher Coalition member who can.

This is an evolving article, so stay tuned.