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Emails are very useful for you. If you share your email with us, you do not have to visit the site often to search for your favourite story genre. When it has been posted on the site, we will simply email you to let you know together with the title. For example you may have enjoyed Chapter 1. We will let you know when Chapter 2 is available. As an incentive to share your email with us,we will give you a FREE article from this list:

Coronavirus cures: 1 Serious, 2 Humorous. Micro video tweets: 3 Black Foots Matter March, 4 Foot Tapping, 5 Foot Humming National Anthem. Other micro Videos: 6 Gardening Australia, 7 Laughing Kookaburra. Humorous real dreams: 8 Tattoo Day, 9 My New Home. Micro Stories: 10 Going to the Garden Ball. 11 Letters. 12 Political Comment. 13 Sporting Comment. 14 Missed cartoons. Grand Tours on some very exciting roads in a Jaguar XJ-S HE V12 5.3 l convertible: 15 Introduction, 16 Obi Obi and overnight at Noosa, 17 D’Aquilar Range and overnight in a railway carriage. Personal Development: 18 How I overcame Depression Without Drugs. 19 How I Improve my Everyday Life Efficiency with Project Management, and more.

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Here you can request a specific story from the above list or specify what type of genre you like or just leave the choice to us. NB Stories that are currently listed on the landing page, as for sale, are not currently available. NB This system is not fully automated, therefore you will not receive your story instantaneously, but within 24 hours.

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