Zoe G I have lived in New York all my life and found the Moriarty story so fascinating . A whole new culture. Waiting for the next episode.

Laura s Thanks John and all your powder monkeys? Your magazine is truly revolutionary. It means I do not have to buy a whole book – I just buy a chapter at a time that hits my spot just when I need it most.

Sue P-C Although I now live in USA I subscribe to MINIpowMAG. My hubbie thinks I am crazy, but the Lucky Lottery Numbers win me more money than his Quick Pics. The political comments are more truthful and very concise compared to the waffle in main stream newspapers and the COVID19 tips are the best medical advice I have heard so far. The cartoons get to the point and give us both a relieving laugh, along with Horroscope and Quotes. Great value. Everybody should read this one.

Spioros M My ancestors migrated to Melbourne for a better life. My sister gave me a copy of MINIpowMAG for my birthday. The COVID19 information was just what my mom in Greece used to tell us – plus more. Please do what my mom says.

Pat E PhD These stories are real value, not like the tripe offered by others. The fact ones have plenty of numbers with credible sources, which is what I prefer. All the others are packed with controversy, and some even get me questioning some of my long established beliefs. And the cartoons and jokes, well, they border on being offensive, but that’s what makes them worth buying.

Martin B I bought HOW CREATE WEALTH as soon as it was posted . I had just started my first job and it sounded like just what I was looking for. As a result I bought a house and rented it out. As the article recommended, I have monitored its increasing value, and am extremely excited that it is going up in value by $40,000 every year. That’s better than a second job and I don’t have to lift a finger. I rent it out myself by following the article BECOMING A LANDLORD and estimate I am saving $ 12,000 on top of this. Also, I have the option to move into it myself or use it to assist other members of my family ( especially when they are losing their jobs with the Government ‘Stay at Home’ rule) . I have worked out that it will be paid off by the time I quit work, but I need to buy another to ensure I can live off the net rent. This may be as early as age 40.

Donna T I was a bit confused when I first saw MERMAIDS. Most people growing up see a Mermaid as a kids toy. What got me in was that it was a pre Christian thing, so I bought the article out of curiosity. After I read it, twice, it all made complete sense. I was at a very low point in my marriage and, you know what. it saved my marriage and it made my family a happy one.

David F I am a scientist and I think WINDFALL is ‘must’ reading for all students. I am waiting for subsequent Chapters to be posted.

Danny Z My father is an engineer, so, as a bit of a laugh, I sent him the WINDFALL story about Isaac Newton, as a present. He said that he has read it six times, and each time finds something new to laugh about. He reckons he is going to gift it to all his engineer friends.

Ronnie Fitz P My son in Australia sent me MY OPAL GODDESS as a Christmas present last year. He knew I laughed at toilet jokes. This one was so good, that each time I read it, my wife had to pacify me. I am so impressed that I want to live in Aus. The problem is that I have to convince her that it won’t be in Lightening Ridge.

Angela B Great value. I like how I can select a present, pay for it, attach a Happy Birthday card and know that it has been delivered before I get up off the couch. Some may say I’m lazy, but this is now a necessity for time poor people like me.

Nicholas B I had a Division 4 win with your LUCKY LOTTERY NUMBERS which paid for my MINIpowMAG subscription plus a night out for all my relatives.