These facts are about hierodules, sacred prostitutes and temple girls, sexual beasts like mermaids and their mates the unicorns, the toys they used,  and the temples that they worked in – including religious sexual rites in and around  Solomon’s Temple,  in and around the temples of Artemis and  in and around the temples of  Aphrodite. Was Mary Magdalene its most famous goddess. Find out about the sexual beasts in the bestiary, and how they can help you achieve a closer communion with the Creator – the unicorns, the mermaids, Pan and the satyrs, St Michael and  St George and the dragons, manticores, fairies, shakti’s and the centaurs, the sirens, Pegasus, Satan and the griffins. What did Boewulf the shaman do on Freya’s day, and how do you use Aryan sex toys. Become an initiate – one of the esoteric – and understand what the “Greek mysteries” were all about. Discover these hidden secrets in your everyday life – and in other books you read. Read on.




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