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We create explosive articles for a world market of increasingly time-poor people who still want an experience on the bus, train, plane, in bed, waiting for the kids or just waiting. Some rags try to report the facts - we give you truthful opinions. Our powder monkeys are busy bringing you exciting and useful stories on the high seas of entertainment. They are all unique, so you will not find them anywhere else. In addition, we do not resell stories that were published years ago - they are all current. As a result,  the site is constantly being updated. It  is for readers, buyers, publishers and is a 'digest' of changing topics. You may win $ millions from it. To read a free story, or a summary of an article to buy or a pitch of a story to a publisher; click on the title under CONTENTS.  For users of other platforms such as MAC, the format may be altered. These stories may be shortened, lengthened or twisted to suit the needs of a novelist, filmmaker, TV producer or magazine editor and therefore are open to negotiation. If you have read our pitch, and not bought anything, but use them to make millions; we would appreciate a donation - or Halloween will be extended, or just donate to keep us creative.  Some, all of these or a category, could be published in one book. We write for you, so if you have a special interest, let us know, and we hope to be able to blow away the same old tedium that invades our lives. Something new every day. Leave a request at john.faysghost@hotmail.com Send a story as a gift. Just use their email in the BUY NOW button and add one of our cards.Do someone a favour who is in Coronavirus lockdown - send them our URL.

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www.powdermagazine.wordpress.com put this address in the favourites bar of your search engine. Go there to benefit from its articles. Return at least every week for new benefits and get new lottery numbers. Make Comments on what you would like to see in future and forward this message to all your friends.

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INSTANTANEOUS DELIVERY The revolutionary aspect of this website is that you do have to wait months, weeks or even days for your story. Also no need for special e-books or Kindle readers. You can climb into bed and get a story immediately. – sent to the email nominated in your BUY NOW button. You can even send it to someone else as a present ( just insert their email).

PURCHASE PROCEDURE Click on BUY NOW: Pay by Paypal or credit card. Enter the Billing Address but this is not used: Enter your email ( this will send your purchase to you or a link): CONTINUE at address check: Pay Now: A link will be sent to your email to get your purchase: Download this. Read it from your Downloads file. No waiting for your purchase to be picked, packed and sent.

SECURE WEBSITE This site is HTTPS secured.  SiteAdvisor/WebAdvisor ( McAfee) rate this site as secure. Nobody has reported catching any virus’s or malware. It is Verified by Sectigo Limited with Firefox blocking all malware. This site has an SSL Certificate, therefore you are fully protected from phishing scams, data breaches, and many other threats. The host computer has Windows Defender as security and was scanned by Restoro on 13/6/2021 which found no security issues.

WARNING 1 Only download those articles that are currently posted on this site. Due to a glitch in the system, some articles can be downloaded that have previously been deleted. Some of these may be out – of – date, are unnecessarily repeated, and therefore could be misleading or erroneous. 

2  As a WordPress site it may, from time to time, be subject to unexpected changes in format.

3 If you are experiencing problems, firstly, try switching to another browser.

NEWS We do not report the news but we may comment on some that is reported by others.

PRIVACY POLICY We only use your  Paypal or credit card details to buy our products and this is not stored or passed on to third parties. You are protected by the various relevant Consumer Affairs bodies and the Privacy Amendment            ( Enhancing Privacy and Protection) Act 2012. If you have any issues please use our Contact information. A full statement can be obtained by  using our email.

STAFF Our head guru is one of the most qualified and experienced people in the world to express an opinion. See his bio at Linkedin.

NO HIDDEN COSTS What you see on The Home page is all you pay. There are no extra charges such as shipping etc. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (A$).

SECURE AFFILIATES  We work with WordPress ( e-commerce website) , e-junkie ( story storage and BUY NOW buttons) and Paypal  (payments) – all large and trusted companies. No problems have been reported.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Glitches do happen occasionally. If you have paid and not received your story, check and if this does not work then email us immediately to get a refund within 48 hours. We will even report a continuing problem to the Consumer Affairs office as we do not want any dissatisfied customers.

COPYRIGHT All material will be protected by copyright

EMAILS These are very effective for you. When you give us your email ( an opt-in) you do not have to visit the site to search for new stories – we advise you when they are available. For example, when you have read Chapter 1, we advise you when Chapter 2 is on the site, then Chapter 3 and so on. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please email us and we will delete you from the list, but be aware that this will prohibit you being aware of useful information in future.

COMMUNITY SERVICE A website is a valuable resource as some articles will remain available indefinately as a community service.

CONTACT Leave a Comment on this site or email us at john.faysghost@hotmail.com or below:


Mobile phone: (Aus) 0410454805

powdermagazine is a registered Australian business name with ASIC  Est. 2014.

This business has the ABN 58727158577

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