The only pre election poll had the Libs at 52% in February, This fell to 41%, and the Weekend Australian on 1st May (election day) reported a ‘tight’ one with a ‘late surge’ by Labor. Although Labor only had 31% neither party was prepared to form an alliance to govern. We started our anti Labor campaign in early April with mainly Tweets  4 – 6 PM. The basis of this was half a dozen cartoons that were used in the 2019 Federal election, that were generic in nature. In the last week we also Tweeted 12 – 2. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were also heavily anti Labor with any pro Labor Tweeters cancelled out with Retweets. On Saturday night the Labor leader conceded defeat but it was not until Sunday evening that the Libs won a majority to govern in their own right. The result on Saturday night was a 4.1% swing away from Labor. Our Tweeting was not the average – a conversation. On some days we Tweeted or Retweeted over 100 times, getting over 30 Likes and over 2,000 people reading them each day.

We drove home our success with the following Tweets on Sunday afternoon:

TAS ELECTION ‘You did it John. 😍YOU SAVED THE WORLD AGAIN‘🥰 ‘Yes Q, we saved Tasmania in 2014 and Scomo in 2019. We launched a late QLD campaign in 2020 with Labor only getting in with One Nation votes at the last minute. We think a 4% swing was a good result.

TAS ELECTION ‘John! Why did’nt you campaign in the WA election. I have no vested interest in WA, but that may change in future. I may just do it to SAVE THE WORLD.

TAS ELECTION ‘John, the Weekend Australian had the Tas election as ‘tight’ with a ‘late surge’ to Labor. The end result was almost a Lib landslide. ☹️WHY DID THEY GET IT SO WRONG? 😩Well Q, they underestimated the power of a Tweet.

GREEN HOUSE GASSES/CLIMATE CHANGE Are you the cause of global warming or the solution? People breath out carbon dioxide and trees breath it in and vice versa – making the two dependent on one another for mutual survival. One person emits 1kgm of carbon dioxide every day. One tree emits .32 kgm of oxygen every day. This means, for there to be a balance, there must be 3.1 trees for every human. If you do not own 3.1 trees, then you are the cause of global warming. I live alone on a ‘quarter acre’ block and I am encouraging as many trees to grow as possible – 20 ( or the equivalent). Therefore I am reducing global warming. What are you doing – just trying to turn out my lights!!

A zero emissions target by 2050 is impossible. The biggest emitters are volcanoes and animals. Who is going to plug up all the volcanoes and animal bums (inc humans). Nitrous oxide and methane are far more potent than CO2 – and that’s where these gasses come from. Even plowing up a field will release them. If pollies want to gain some credibility with voters, a more realistic target is zero emissions from coal fired power stations, but we will not tolerate the lights being turned out to achieve this or people losing their jobs. If you are concerned about saving lives, then you should not oppose global warming. In the WE Aus of 11/9/2021 Bjorn Lomborg stated that in Canada and USA 7200 people die each year from heat related causes, but rising temperatures avoid 21,000 from cold related causes.

On the evening of 29/9/2021 there was a steady rain shower overnight. Gardens would have welcomed this as most lawns were going brown and some tree leaves were turning brown. The next evening there was a quick thunderstorm at 4.30, indicating the Wet Season had started a day early. This indicates there is no ‘climate emergency’ here in my part of Brisbane. Lawns will burst into emerald green with flowers everywhere. This means that ‘greenie’ politics cannot be implemented across the board.

Young people, or those with short memories, do not realise that for the last 10+ years Brisbane went through a severe drought, where we almost ran out of water. In retrospect, this was just one of many world climate cycles – some are very short – some are very long. At the moment, the climate in Brisbane has been bouncing back ( from this drought) for the last three years – nothing to do with humans.

Antarctica has recorded the coldest year on record (-61) since records began in 1957.

THE SMART PEOPLE ARE LEAVING VICTORIA As a direct result of communist Daniel Andrews making a complete cock up of the COVID19 problem, droves of this state’s most useful people are relocating elsewhere. As a result Dan will be left with dead beat left wing voters – but, perhaps that’s what he wants. But, I am sure it’s not what the unfortunates who cannot leave want. This is a recipe for conflict. Those who can work from home are relocating to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Melbourne will become a ‘rust belt’ city – rising unemployment and falling property values. An ABC 24/9/2021 graph showed the population growth in QLD was almost equal to the decline in Vic.The AFL Grand final ( 25/9/2021), between two Victorian teams, was played in Perth. NSW is taking no chances. The NRL Preliminary Final, was played in Townsville with the Grand Final in Brisbane.

These are evolving articles, so stay tuned.